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Imo State Is In A State Of Rot, A Lot Is Happening, But No One Is Talking – Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha.

He expressed his displeasure over what is happening in the state.

Imo State Is In A State Of Rot, A Lot Is Happening, But No One Is Talking – Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha.

Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha.

By Ejike Ikezuagu – UK.

The former governor of Imo state, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha recently visited the United Kingdom to interact with the people of Imo state and express his profound gratitude for the support given to him during the election in 2019 when he was elected the governor of the state, before he was removed and replaced with Chief Hope Uzodimma by the Supreme court in 2020, has said, “the state is in a state of rot”.

He expressed his displeasure over what is happening in the state, and said, a lot is happening in the state, but no one is asking questions.

In his speech, while replying to questions posed to him by the people that he rarely speaks on these issues happening in the state, especially insecurity, he said, it is the responsibility of the government to protect life and properties.

However, on Chief Hope Uzodimma, he said, “I am not a critic” if not, according to him, he said, he has the platforms to attack him (Chief Hope Uzodimma), but decided not to do so, because he would not like to be seen as the governor’s problem, but as for himself, he said, he believes in action, saying, “action speaks louder than voice”, he maintained.

He continued, stating that, he is not in the habit of criticising, he said.

According to the former governor, he said, the circumstances that removed him from the office is not a comforting one, however, his party PDP did not keep quiet, but did speak out.

On the issue of what is currently happening in the state, he revealed that, the “people kept in our state were brought for a purpose”, saying, during his government, he set certain benchmarks in the state, in which the current government would have followed and taken it from there, but the current government did not do so. The former governor said, the state is in a total decay now.

On sports, he said, he rehabilitated Dan Anyiam stadium, but regretted that sporting activities are dead today in Imo state, because of the inability of the current government to facilitate sports in the state. He demanded the people to always inquire for what is happening at home, saying a lot is happening, the state is in a state of rot, and our people are not talking.

Our people are not talking, nor asking questions about the local government funds, which according to him, is not difficult to ask. He requested those in diaspora to always ask questions, stating that the funds will make life easy for the common man at home. He demanded them to always ask the Federal Minister of Finance how much allocation that goes to their respective local governments, according to him, he said, it will be provided for them if asked and requested.

He encouraged the people and various organisations to always speak out and ask questions.

When the former governor was asked if he will be contesting for the governor of the state in 2023, he said, he is available for service, and reiterated his commitment to partner and work with the people of Imo state residing in the UK and also said he will appoint them in various ministries in the government, if given the opportunity to serve the state.

He also mentioned some of the UK residents he appointed in his previous government, among them was, Mazi Enyinna Amadikwa who was appointed as the Director-General, Bureau of Statistics in the state.

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Mazi Ejike Ikezuagu is the owner and publisher of Ogene Ndigbo Newspaper. He lives and studied in the UK.

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