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London: Ndigbo Celebrate Igbo Cultural Day In London UK.

Remarkable last Saturday as Ndigbo in the United Kingdom celebrated their culture.

By Ejike Ikezuagu – UK 

The Igbo culture has been said to be a powerful legacy to be bequeathed to the children for the purpose of posterity, Ogene Ndigbo Newspaper has revealed.

As it was remarkable last Saturday as Ndigbo in the United Kingdom celebrated their culture by upholding it as an ultimate legacy to be bequeathed to their children for the purpose of posterity. It was a very resounding occasion that attracted Igbo dignitaries across the UK and beyond, gathering together to demonstrate their love for their culture.

The occasion which was organised by the Congress of Igbo Leaders (CIL) is a yearly festival put together by the group in a way of revamping Igbo culture and arts, especially at a time as this, it seems the Igbo culture is continuously being eroded as a result of civilisation.

The yearly event which was popularly known and called, the “Igbo Festival of Arts and Culture” (IFAC) has given a great opportunity for Igbo sons and daughters in the UK to share Igbo values to remain more united as a people, and as well as showcasing their culture to the world.

Mazi Ejike Ikezuagu.

An illustrious Igbo son, the publisher, Ogene Ndigbo Newspaper, Mazi Ejike Ikezuagu who was present at the event hailed the group for what they have done. He described them as “sons and daughters, worthy to be emulated” in this direction.

In his statement, he said, “exhibition of Igbo art and culture is a festival groups and Igbo leaders in various levels should always partner to engage on, in order to sustain the culture to avoid it from dying off”. He encouraged various groups, especially at home (Alaigbo) to always do what they can, within their capacities to always hold events as this within their localities in order to sustain the culture.

He said, “I do not expect us to always wait for the Igbo governors or Ohanaeze Ndigbo led by Chief Nnaia Nwodo to come up with a programme as this before we can celebrate or hold events as this to celebrate and sustain our culture”. He advised groups to always work together at all times to ensure such festivals are being promoted for the posterity of their people.

Kingsley M A Offor Esq.

In similar development, Kingsley M A Offor Esq, the Publicity Secretary of the group and Head of the Administration & Co-Facilitator said, it was a day of the trooping the colour to the highest esteem. Against all odds, he maintained they have pulled the plugs and presented the most enviable, the most colourful and biggest ever African diaspora Cultural event all over the world at Lee Valley Athletics Centre in Edmonton, London UK.

Offor said, “as part of our Igbo DNA, the group has demonstrated again that we are ready at all times to confront challenges and obstacles and deliver to the highest standards on our journey to protect and preserve our unique cultural and traditional heritage”.

He said, the Western culture is fast hitting and eroding the foundation root of Igbo cultural and traditional existence, but the group felt constrained to shoulder this burden of preserving and protecting the culture knowing that people without culture and tradition are like leopard without its spots.

Pictures at the event.

According to the legal luminary, who is also the Secretary, Ohanaeze Ndigbo UK & Ireland, he said, the journey started in 2012 with only 4 Communities, but in this year’s event, they had over 120 Communities showcasing their unique  cultural dances, and displaying their historical and traditional artifacts with pride and splendor. The festival has been the leading unifying event where Ndigbo in UK and Ireland as well as some European countries come together to celebrate and showcase their Igbo Cultural heritage.

The nucleus of the Igbo culture and tradition anchors on the purity of mind, families, body and soul, it also hinged on the divinity of the gods, and the sanctity of the villages, he said.

Photos at the event.

In his speech, he said, this year’s event was overwhelming, but they aspire that next year’s event on July 11th 2020 will be epic.


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Host: Ejike Ikezuagu.


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